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To get into an intensive internship program that can help you land a better job later on, it is important that you choose reputable organizations. We know that the application process is quite competitive. In your application, you will have to submit various requirements including a letter of recommendation for internship.

Just by having a look at a sample letter of recommendation for internship is not enough for you to be able to make one for yourself. It poses different challenges which make it difficult for many students to deal with. What is a recommendation letter for internship and how do you write letter of recommendation internship?

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writing letter of recommendation for internship

Writing this kind of recommendation letter is really not that different from other letters of recommendation. There is a structure and flow that you have to follow:

  • In the opening paragraph, it should include the name of the applicant. The purpose of the letter should also be explained. This part of the letter should basically state the program that the student is applying for. In the next part of the letter, the person giving the recommendation should be able to explain how he or she came to know the applicant. Give observation and description.
  • In the second paragraph, the person writing the letter should be able to provide specific details about the person. He/she should have an understanding of the person applying for the program. For instance, how is the applicant as a student and as a person. What are his/her achievements?
  • In the third paragraph, it does not hurt to explain the weaknesses of the applicant. This should be done just right in such a way that it will not hurt the application of the person. There is no point in making a letter of recommendation that is too perfect that it will already appear to be insincere.
  • In the final paragraph, you should be able to provide the highest recommendation. Provide your contact information should there be questions or anything that they need to know.
  • At the last part of the letter, there should be a signature. In cases where the person holds office, he or she may also stamp the letter.

When you look at a letter of recommendation internship sample, you can see the difference between a good letter of recommendation versus a not so good one. However, this does not mean that you can make a good letter of recommendation. A lot of people are struggling with the writing style and the kind of information that they have to include. This is where a professional writer and editor can help you.

Letter of Recommendation Internship Writing Help Online

Letter of recommendation internship as well as letter of recommendation character reference is always important part of academic tenure. It is always wise to acquire this recommendation from one of your concerned faculty members in order to make it stronger and effective for the purpose. This letter of recommendation for internship needed contents is easy to understand with online samples.

We always keep sample letter of recommendation for internship for this purpose online and you can read these samples and check MBA recommendation letter sample in order to find out, what kind of format and content can be a wise choice for you. Our internship letter of recommendation sample is open to all and suggested using it well too.

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Letter of Recommendation Internship Example

I am writing this letter because Mr.XXXXXXXXX definitely deserves your strong consideration in the newspaper’s internship program.

I am the faculty advisor for Mr.xxxxxxxx who is our university student newspaper editor too and I am concerned faculty to teach him about the right reporting and editing in the program. As University newspaper editors, this student performed well beyond our expectations successfully. He always good at taking responsibilities of the given tasks and always ensures perfect completion of the tasks with his utmost efforts and hardworking too. As University campus editor, he covers and coordinates with other team members in a way everyone can perform their duties well and end the daily product of the campus newspaper will be perfect for the readers.

His presence at the university newspaper office is at present changing its atmosphere and working to a better extent successfully. His ability to grasp journalism topics in classes and implementing them on the newspaper is truly exceptional. Now, it is time for him to experience further little of the real world of journalism and your newspaper internship will be the best option for it too. Definitely, he will be a better match for your internship requirements with similar experience and ample academic background. He will be a great addition for your newspaper if given chance and I request the same on behalf of my student too.

I am always there as a reference to vouch for this student’s abilities, skills and knowledge for your internship requirement and you’re free to consult me anytime for further feedback or additional information on this applicant.

Yours Sincerely,


(Full Name)

Adress xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ph,No. 0000-000-0000

Email: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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professional sample letter of recommendation for internship

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