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Helpful Sources and Tips for LoR Writing


A letter of recommendations, as well as other application documents, is one of the most important and necessary requirements when it comes to aspiring college students and professionals to send their applications. This document can give a lot of help to the process of admission or selection of candidates due to the importance previous professional acquaintances can give to the abilities and professionalism of a person. However, not everyone knows how to make a letter of recommendation.

That’s why we will make sure that you learn how to make one in order to create a format you can use to write your letter of recommendations or to send your desired acquaintances so they can create the perfect letter of recommendation for you depending on your desires. Remember that admission officers actually put a lot of weight to recommendation letters due to the great importance they have on validating the experience and past of an applicant for a college or job position. According to William Fitzsimmons, a Harvard dean of admissions, letters of recommendation are “extremely important”, as they offer a lot of insight on the lives of future students.

Tips on How to Make Letter of Recommendation

LOR writing sample LOR writing sample LOR writing sample

Making a letter of recommendation has two main purposes, giving an insight into the lives of applicants for a job position or college program and reveal the special skills and abilities of the same applicants according to teachers, professors, colleagues, past co-workers, employers, and so on. This offers the best support to applications, giving the perfect help to admission committees to accept the proper applicant.

In order to help you in the process, we’ve compiled a list of tips you can use to create your own letter of recommendation easily. You can use this to develop a letter of recommendation for yourself when someone asks you for a letter of recommendation or to work as a format for other people to make a letter of recommendation for you. Follow these tips and make sure your letter of recommendation MBA is of the highest quality possible.

Take into account the experience and skills

One of the first things to take into account when making a letter of recommendations is the experience and the skills of the person. When you write a letter of recommendation you need to make sure that the experience and abilities of the person you’re writing for are correctly portrayed. This gives more insight to the admission committee about the applicant.

letter of recommendation template for student scholarship

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Talk about enthusiasm and drive of the person

Remember to always mention the enthusiasm of a person when it comes to the field of work or the field of study. This can add a lot to the letter of recommendation, as admission committees are always looking for those students who actually like what they do and what they will do. Mention previous experiences if you can in order to back up your statements.

Compare with other people

Make sound a little depreciating for other students or co-workers, but when you compare a student or worker with others in a positive way, you’re immediately making the admission committee or the future employer know that the person is actually good. Make sure to give true statements and support them with verifiable information.

Mention any additional or special skills

Creativity, leadership, commitment, integrity, motivation, great knowledge and manage on foreign languages, wonderful negotiating skills or whatever adds to the person you’re writing a letter of recommendation for, it will be of great importance. These will help in a great way, especially if they are specific. The more skills you add the better. It is recommended to back these statements with experiences.

nurse lor example

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Don’t mention personal matters

If you’re writing a letter of recommendation or you want to send it as a format for any of your contact referees, you need to make sure that the age, sex, original, religious belief, disability or any other unimportant detail is mentioned. These are always unnecessary and can eventually harm the letter of recommendation or even the complete application and admission.

Discuss with the candidate or with your contact

Whether you are the one needing a letter or recommendation or the one writing the letter of recommendation, it is important that you discuss what you want to be portrayed about you or about the other person. This will make it easier to eventually make the process of writing easier and develop a wonderful letter of recommendation.

Always support your statements

If you are writing a letter of recommendation, it is important to take into account that every one of your statements should always be supported by any story or verifiable data. The readers of the letter of recommendation are always making sure that everything that is said on the letter is verifiable and that it looks true.

You can also visit the UCF College Tips for Writing Letters of Recommendations and Ithaca College Tips on Writing Letter of Recommendations for more advice and samples on how to make letter of recommendation.

Having Trouble at Making a Letter of Recommendation?

If you don’t know how to make a letter of recommendation correctly, you’ve come to the right place. Not only were you offered the best tips on making a letter of recommendation but you will also be offered the best Letter of Recommendation Writing Service in order to create your letter of recommendation with the help of professionals. By using our services you will be able to create the perfect letter of recommendation that will impress anyone and achieve whatever it’s necessary, from admission to job positions without any problems.

Remember that a letter of recommendation is one of the most used requirements in both colleges admissions and companies selection processes. That’s why it is always extremely important to know how to make a letter of recommendation correctly. Make sure you follow our guidance and tips in order to develop your own letter of recommendation to the perfection.

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