Writing Letter of Recommendation for PhD

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Getting into a PhD program is not as easy as it seems. You will have to send and show them your academic achievements and credentials. Along with the documents that you need to submit is a letter of recommendation for PhD. This is slightly different from other letters of recommendation in the sense that the kind of recommendation needed is something that can help you with your application. In a letter of recommendation PhD, the person recommending you should be able to highlight your strengths and give you the highest possible recommendation in order for the selection committee to see you as a potential PhD candidate.

9 Most Popular PhD Programs in USA

  • Physical Therapy: It is one of the most popular choices for PhD in USA. They earn a handsome salary and can participate in community activities as well.
  • Education administration: If you are interested in making difference, this is a popular PhD option. Earn a good salary and lot of respect too.
  • Chemistry: PhD chemistry is popular due to its wide scope of a career. After PhD students can start their career as an analytical chemist, scientist or in the quality control field.
  • Clinical Psychology: Increasing stress and anxiety leading to more and more jobs in the field of clinical psychology and that makes it a popular choice for PhD.
  • Electrical and communication engineering: In this era of technology, PhD in engineering fields is also attracting a lot of students around the world.
  • Psychology: Psychologist are helpful in rehabilitation and many other aspects too. That makes psychology one of the popular PhD choices.
  • Physics: Optical engineers and laser engineers are quite in demand and that makes physics a popular PhD choice for the young students.
  • English language and literature: English is one of the most widely spoken languages and English language teachers are required all over the world.
  • Education: General education is attracting a lot of attention and is one of the most popular PhD choices.

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Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation for PhD Program

Over the years, our writers and editors have successfully written different kinds of letters of recommendation including documents that are needed for PhD programs. Here are some valuable tips and information that you can use:

  • First and foremost it is very important that you know the specific requirements needed by the school. Every educational institution varies when it comes to their specific requirements. For instance, there are universities that require a certain template when writing a recommendation letter. Some schools may also require you to submit more than one recommendation letters.
  • You should be knowledgeable of the right and proper structure of a letter of recommendation. Always remember that this is considered to be a formal letter. And, you should follow the right way of writing a formal letter. This means that the letter should contain the date, the recipient’s name, complete address, proper salutation, and signature of the person giving the recommendation.
  • In as much as the right structure and format is important, it is also crucial that you have a solid and compelling content. Keep in mind that the letter of recommendation is basically one of the documents that the selection committee will use in order to evaluate an applicant’s capability. If you have solid academic credentials back with a good letter of recommendation from your former professors and former bosses, you can definitely have higher chances of getting into one of the best PhD programs.

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writing letter of recommendation for phd

Letter of Recommendation for PhD Example Online

Letter of recommendation for PhD as well as letter of recommendation for fellowship or residency letter of recommendation is good to write using the online example as reference. These samples are many online and availing it from us can result in a quick resolution for your recommendation letter writing requirement successfully. Letter of recommendation PhD sample with online provided by our team is always easy to understand and you will get a right idea about its effective writing instantly too. It is important to keep this letter invalid format as mentioned in the application guidelines and you can satiate it well when used our sample letter of recommendation for PhD program online.

Letter of Recommendation for PhD Example

Search & Screen Committee

Department of Biology

University of XXXXXX

City, State Zip

Dear Committee Members,

It is a great pleasure to recommend Susan XXXXX who is a student of mine for the past 4 years pursuing her masters in biology. When she joined as fresher in the program, I was the first faculty to guide her with the program. During 4 years of study with me let me understand her caliber and skills at academic front well. She has been diligent and prompt with the assigned tasks at the academic front always succeeded well than other in acquiring good credits too. She was always my favorite student with zeal and ability to learn things quickly and promptly.

Susan xxx was always a bright student in the class with utmost attention towards the learning. This made her always the best student in the class besides being helpful with other students in the class. Now, my favorite student’s Susan decision to pursue PhD in Biology is definitely welcoming move and I appreciate her move too. Here, my recommendation is that Susan is definitely the best addition to your PhD program basing up on her abilities, skills and acquired academic background. This program will give her a chance to groom herself into a better scholar in the Biology field too. I strongly recommend this applicant for your PhD program and hope you will oblige the same.


Robert xxxxx

Professor, XXXX University,

Address, Contact Number and email.

Writing Letter of Recommendation for a PhD Program with Online Example

Letter of recommendation for PhD or residency letter of recommendation will be simple and easy for all when sourced the best sample online for using as a reference. Our online samples are always the best source here for the students. Our sample recommendation letter above can guide you well for this purpose and keep it in the same way otherwise our team offering service can be an alternative too. Our team is always a reasonable help online as service or to provide a sample for this purpose.

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Who Should Write the Letter of Recommendation?

Letter of Recommendation is a very important document for PhD admission. It gives you the opportunity to express your interest in a particular subject. Many students don’t take it seriously and miss their chance to get admission in their desired field. Keep in mind that letter of recommendation plays a crucial role in your admission. Many people with same academic grade apply in a university and letter of recommendation is the only decisive factor. So, it’s better to pay special attention to it.

Our team of experts have vast experience in writing letter of recommendation for every subject. They know the key points for which selection committee is looking for. A properly written letter enhances your chances of getting admission and our experts can do that for you. Each letter is customized according to your needs and we deliver quality content at an affordable price.

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