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Advice on Waiver Letter of Recommendation

The Waiver Letter of Recommendation, What It Is and How It Affects You

waiver letter of recommendationMost people are familiar with the letter of recommendation, but not as many know about the letter of recommendation waiver. It is a brief document that says the person the letter of recommendation was written for gives up their rights to view the LoR.

Why does this matter to you? There is a reason why a big deal is sometimes made over the small waiver. Letter of recommendation submissions that students have not waived access to are given less consideration than submissions that have a waiver. It is generally felt that recommenders will not give an unbiased recommendation if the student can access and see what they have written.

The following is a sample of a basic letter of recommendation waiver:

Name of Student/Applicant:

Name of Recommender:

By signing below, I agree to waive my right to access and examine, now or at any time in the future, the letter of recommendation (or copies) written by the recommender named above.

Student Signature          Date

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives students the following rights in regards to a letter of recommendation:

  • Waivers of access to letters of recommendation are optional and voluntary. Students cannot be forced to sign a waiver of access.
  • Waivers of access may be requested from students by schools, but the student may not be denied admission, awards, employment, or any service or other benefit if they fail to supply waivers.
  • Students always have the right to access their letters of recommendation, unless they sign a waiver giving up that right.

letter of recommendation waiverStudents need not waive their right of access to letters of recommendation, but most professors will not provide a letter of recommendation for a student unless that student waives their right of access, the same situation, for example, with waiver letter for immigration. Professors and other recommenders cannot be forced to write a letter of recommendation. In fields like law and medicine, letters of recommendation from professors are critical when applying for advanced education and employment.

It is up to each individual to decide whether or not they wish to sign an access waiver. Letter of recommendation submissions are part of your educational record and you have the right to view them.

professional waiver letter of recommendation

Advice on the Waiver Letter of Recommendation

With everything taken into consideration, most students find it is to their benefit to sign the waiver of access to letters of recommendation for the following reasons:

  • Students choose their own recommenders. It is believed that they will select recommenders who will provide a good recommendation
  • Most professors and other recommenders will decline to provide a letter of recommendation if they can’t give a good recommendation
  • Providing a LoR waiver indicates to schools and potential employers that you are confident that the letter of recommendation is positive

letter of recommendation waiver writing service

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