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Questions about Recommendation Letter Format


subsequent employerWe know how important it is to receive a professionally written recommendation letter from a subsequent employer. But when you hire a recommendation letter writing service it’s even more important. That’s why we make sure that every one of your questions and doubts is always given a proper answer, so you don’t have to worry about anything when using our services.

We are totally professional, we know how to write LoR with creativity, intelligence and to the perfection in order make sure that your necessities and instructions are followed to the letter. However, there are times where problems or misunderstandings can occur, but whatever the problem you may have or the confusion you’re experiencing you can be sure that we are always up to your expectations.

LOR writing sample LOR writing sample LOR writing sample

The service we offer on how to write a letter or Rec and the many other services we offer are subject to the most professional values. That is why you can find the answer to the most common questions on our letter of recommendation writing service here:

How long does the process take?

Depending on the many details and the style you want for your letter of recommendation, the process usually takes from 3 to 5 days. However, our Rush Letter of Recommendation Writing Service can deliver your document in 1 or 2 days.The process consists of the client making the order by filling the Order Form. Then he needs to Make the Payment and eventually confirm his order via email. After confirming the order, the client is offered the opportunity to discuss the specific details of the LoR with one of our professional writers. After confirming the details and ending the discussion with the writer, the LoR starts to be written.

After 2 days, you will receive the first letter of recommendation draft from the writer so you can confirm that you accept or deny the work. If the work is to your liking so far, the writer will then make sure to finish depending on what’s left and deliver within 24 hours of the first draft delivery. If the draft is not to your liking, the writer will make the necessary amendments and deliver within 24 hours.

What file formats do we support?

We support almost any kind of letter of Rec format. From Microsoft Office Word to PDF and even other types of formats like .txt, we are always making sure to offer the best service for our clients, giving the opportunity to deliver their details and instructions in different files and eventually receiving the work in the desired format.In order to make sure that your work is delivered according to your file format needs, make sure to fill in the Order Form with your File Format Preference. We will eventually deliver every draft and the final document in the exact format of your order.

What if you are not satisfied?

If the delivered sample letter of recommendation for student is not to your expectations, we offer our further assistant to fix it according to your needs and desires without any further payment. If the work after the fixing does not meet your expectations, we will then give your money back 100% guaranteed.In order to avoid any type of misunderstanding or lack of quality in the delivered services, we recommend giving clear and concise instructions. Also, it is necessary to discuss properly with our Writers and giving the necessary details of the desired document. In order to make your work look more professional, make sure that your instructions are up to the quality you expect.

What if guarantees are not met?

If our services do not meet with the client guarantees, the client is entitled to ask for fixing of the work or document – either a replace of the whole work or a complete rewriting. On the other hand, the client is also able to ask for a total refund of the payment if he desires. Generally, problems with our services are minor. These problems can be fixed with a rewriting or editing after the client confirms. However, a client can also ask for a refund if he wants his money back that is 100% guaranteed.The rewriting of a document can take from 24 hours to 72 hours, but if the client does not want to wait or if the rewriting takes more than the given time, the client can easily ask for a refund. If the problem is major and cannot be fixed, the client is entitled to reject the document and eventually ask for a total refund of the service. On the other hand, the client can keep the document and be offered a deduction of the whole cost if he desires.

What guarantees are subject to these actions?

Structure or formatStructure or format problems that do not follow the requirements and instructions of the client.

informationIncorrect or mistaken information within the delivered document.

delivered documentA significant difference on the delivered document from the sample, description or instructions given by the client.

offered servicesThe offered services are not up to the expected quality or professionalism.

deliveredThe document was not delivered within the desired timeframe or deadline.

We are always making sure to attend your complaints according to the report the material facts. We will not refuse to give you a solution to any of your problems, especially if they violate our guarantees.

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report the material factsIf you want to learn how to write LoR or to eventually make the best letter of recommendation from scratch with our writers, you can be totally assured that we offer the perfect services for you independently on your desires. We offer Residential, High-School, Scholarship, MBA School, and Dental School letters of recommendations so you can send the one perfect for you depending on your necessities.

By hiring our services, you are immediately giving the best advice and recommendations on how to write a letter of Rec. We will always be there for you whatever it is you need help with at any time. If you have any further questions about our services or questions about our Guarantees, you can contact us right now and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible with the needed answer.

We will be there for you from the moment of your order to the moment of your final delivery. We are the best professional Letter of Recommendation Writing Service available for you!