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August 23, 2014
To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for James, an honors undergraduate student at XXX University. James is a highly competent and creative-minded individual that has no problem tackling difficult situations. He is very academically motivated and ranks among the best students I have ever taught. I recommend him to you very highly as a candidate for Medical School.

James has performed remarkably well in all of my classes and is known throughout the Science department for his sharp mind. He has an avid interest in biology and its applications in medicine, and has constantly elected to take the toughest biology elective courses offered to undergraduates. He believes that it is his responsibility to understand as many medical concepts as possible, so that he can be better prepared for his future career as a doctor. A career in medicine has been his goal since entering the university, and I have every confidence that he is prepared for the academic challenges of medical school based on his stellar performance in college.

Medical school will require dedication as well as academic prowess, and James possesses both. He is able to focus on problems and devote himself completely to its solution, a trait which will prove very helpful in the operating room or any clinical environment. He is unafraid of complex situations, and has a quick mind that is able to tackle individual challenges without being overwhelmed by tasks. He is able to act logically in crisis situations, a skill of paramount importance in the medical field. Medical school will allow Abdullah to further hone his talents in the field as well as gain a deeper understanding of medical concepts.

He is a very compassionate individual with a great interest in the medical field, and I believe his curiosity and intelligence make him a highly qualified candidate for medical school. In my discussions with him, James has always emphasized his desire to become a doctor who is wholeheartedly determined to help the patient. He stays abreast of new medical innovations and is able to hold intelligent and professional discussions about them. Additionally, he is dedicated not only to his own success, but that of others as well. I have seen him create study groups and seek out struggling classmates to offer them support. He remains humble and eager to learn even though many classmates look up to him as a role model for their courses. James is a down-to-earth individual who truly wants to give help to whomever needs it, and I believe his affable personality will be a great benefit to him in medical school.

In short, I give James my highest recommendation. He is one of the best students I have taught and is a very promising doctor and person as a whole. Abdullah embraces challenges wholeheartedly and seeks to learn from every task he is given. He has a tremendous capacity for independent work and a true desire to better the lives of others. I fully expect him to be as excellent and productive in his medical studies as he was in my classes. He will be an asset to your department, and I strongly recommend him for a position in your incoming class of medical students.

Dr. Professor Name
Some University Department of Biology
2334 University Rd.
Newark, XO 22234